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My gallery. Here you will find many, many Sonic fanarts and the occasional random yaoi pairing here and there.



by f-sonic

I enjoy the picture overall, as it really makes use of every inch of space the page has to offer. The movement of the picture is very n...


So, I've got the writing itch. Anyone up to writing/rping with me? It would be something that could be publishable on fanfiction or something so I hope you'd be alright with that. It can be about any number of things. I'm pretty much open to any idea so long as it doesn't involve flinging poop in one another's face. Yeah, I'm not so cool with feces.

All I ask is that you're literate, you keep Out-Of-Character moments to a minimum, and you don't give me teensy posts. I'm okay with a paragraph, but not a sentence. I think that's fair :)

I'd be interested in a Sonic story, but if we have any other interests in common I'd be up to that too. I'm into Yu-Gi-Oh, Star Trek(TOS/2009), and Supernatural. I'm probably missing a few others to throw in the mix, but those are the ones I know inside and out.

If you're interested, leave me a comment or send me a note. :) I'd like to see a sample of your writing. If you have the same request for me, I have a fanfiction page.

Edit 1

What it would be about:

Honestly? I don't have a damn clue. But I'm always interested in trying out new COMPLETELY insane ideas. If anyone has ever visited my page, they know I'm an Alternate Universe Writer primarily. I eat that crap up, and whenever I can twist the canon universe to bending the laws of nature, well I do that too.

So here are my suggestions!

:bulletred: Camelot -- Knights of the round table. While writing The Fall, I had to admit that I would really like to explore more of the world and adventures. All of these themes would have to be bounced around between me and the person writing, but I have a vague starting point for each one.

:bulletred: Thieves -- Come on, who doesn't like thieves? This idea has more flesh to it, but here's the gist. Sonic is a thief on the run from the King's guards. More to come to bounce around.

:bulletred: Ninjas -- I'm not going to elaborate on this one, because you can be damn certain pirates will be involved somehow

:bulletred: Or y'know, whatever.

Pick your poison ;)

Edit 2
Fancharacters are strongly discouraged. I certainly don't mind if a fancharacter is used in a passing role as part of the crowd, but not part of the story. Not to knock OCs or anything, because people can use them effectively. I can't use them well, so I chose not to use them at all. They're not my style.

Edit 3

Man do I suck at this! Okay, just so you know, I also write Yaoi. I love me some Sonadow. If you want the story without a pairing though, just let me know, otherwise I might assume otherwise :)
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